Omar Galanti

Omar Galanti is an Italian stud with an insatiable sex drive, a jolly, fun loving personality and a big, monstrous looking cock. Wherever this mad man goes, he spreads chaotically explosive sexual mayhem and leaves a circus of wild-ass sluts and crazy carnal antics in his wake.

Evil Angel fans will recognize bald-domed, heavily hung Omar from director Rocco Siffredi's movies. That's where John "Buttman" Stagliano discovered his manic lust and knew his style would fit snugly in the Buttman Magazine Choice line of flicks for every anal fetish. "Omar has a genuine sexual energy that obsesses with ass," says John. "I love how he exposes girls' asses, how he fucks ass, and how he loves ass."

Working in the untamed sexual frontier of Russia, Omar has many of the world's nastiest, most unspoiled, young porn babes immediately accessible for his ass-obsessive fetishes. He selects girls based on attitude, performance and passion, then injects his scenes with a comedic flair and what he calls, "a bit of reality of our times, which are increasingly looking for something extreme."

Replete with special toys, interracial fucking, double-penetration and spectacular anal gapes, his DVDs cater to fans who share Omar's Olympic-caliber fascination with pretty girl butts and the fun tricks they can do. He both worships and manhandles female ass, driving sluts to worship his engorged cock and inspiring their own nastiness. "I think the scenes should have fun, all mixed with a bit of domination," says Omar. In titles like, "Omar's Russian Impact," "Omar's Ass Madness" and "Omar's Butt Obsession," this gape-master and spit-master is like a perverted ringmaster.