Jazz Duro

Jazz Duro knows ass. It’s rare when I find someone more obsessed with ass than I am. Jazz does a lot of things right:

1. He has good looking girls with big, fine asses.
2. They all do big anal. “Go big or go home.”
3. The girls talk to us. We get to know each girl, not in an interview, but in the tease and sex. They talk so we get to know something about whom they really are.
4. Lots of ass tease, on each girl, in sexy clothes. And they are always wearing high heels for this.
5. Toys, the usual butt plugs and glass dildos, and REALLY FUN ASS TOYS LIKE SPECULUMS AND BLOW-UP BUTT PLUGS!
6. Gapes, can we ever get enough of them? Often achieved by two-hand ass spreads by the girl herself. That works for me.
7. Face-sitting. This separates the men from the boys: Do you really love ass or are you just trying to make a buck putting “anal” in the title of your movie?
8. Rough, hard sex. This ain’t your daddy’s porno.
9. Hard fetish: Throat fucking, face slaps, foot fetish, shoe fetish (love those red shoes!), breath restriction, anything goes (well, almost anything).
10. And most important: The girls are enjoying themselves, showing off like they mean it.



John “Buttman” Stagliano

The above were Buttman’s comments when we started releasing Jazz’ work as part of the Buttman Magazine Choice line of porno hand-picked by John himself. By now Jazz has released 12 BMC titles, including our September 30 release of “Cheek Freaks 4.” The “Cheek Freaks” series concentrates on anal sex and ass fetish, including lots of fun with some menacing toys. In two editions of his “Big Butt Slutz” series, Jazz features girls with especially big, comely asses — and, of course, enthusiastic anal sex. The first video line Jazz created was “Ass Jazz,” which has now reached Volume 6. And for good reason — this line of videos, shot primarily in Brazil and Europe and marked by truly hard-core analsex, has been nominated by AVN as “Best Foreign Sex Series.” If you like the tastiest butts, the nastiest action and the most exotic, sex-loving girls in the world, there can be no question: Jazz Duro has videos for you.